Product Components

Periowave™ is comprised of two main components:

Periowave Handheld Laser: HHL-1000

Periowave Handheld Laser: HHL-1000

The Periowave Handheld laser is a non-thermal diode laser optimally calibrated for delivering superior illumination at the correct wavelength and power density for a potent photodisinfection reaction. Use of other light activated equipment with the Periowave photosensitizing solution will not produce the same photodisinfection benefits.

The light diffusing tip was specially engineered to evenly distribute light of a specific wavelength into the small and often hard to reach confines of the defect site. Using non-thermal laser diodes allows the light to be efficiently transmitted into the site without the potential for heat induced damage.

HHL-1000 Accessories Include: 1 Laser module, 1 Outer sheath, 4 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Battery Charger, 25 Optical Cleaning Swabs, 3 Replacement Distal O-Rings, 1 Replacement Proximal O-Ring.

Periowave™ Treatment Kits

Periowave Treatment Kits come in two sizes, 0.6mL and 2.0mL, capable of treating up to 3 and 10 defect sites respectively. Each treatment kit has been conveniently and safely packaged for single patient use.

Each treatment kit comes with a prefilled syringe; a blunt-end, side-exit 23 gauge irrigating canula; and a patented light diffusing tip. All kits are packaged for single use only, and should not be re-used, even on subsequent visits by the same patient.

Box of 10 0.6mL Advanced Formulation Treatment Kits PW3500


Box of 10 2.0mL Advanced Formulation Treatment Kits PW3600


Periowave™ and Your Dental Practice

Periowave is a practice builder.

The addition of Periowave to a dental practice can benefit the oral health of your patients immediately, and on a wide scale. Through training and education, we are committed to helping dental professionals adopt this important technology, and making it easy to integrate into daily practice.

Benefits to the dental practice include:

  • Stress free dentistry
  • State of the art patient care
  • Better treatment outcomes
  • Long-term systemic benefits
  • Antibiotic resistance generation is prevented
  • Existing and new patients needs are addressed