What is Periowave™

Periowave is a painless, non-invasive photodisinfection procedure that can significantly improve treatment outcomes when combined with scaling and root planing. Periowave eliminates many of the harmful bacteria and toxins associated with periodontal disease.

Periowave is approved for the treatment of chronic periodontitis, gingivitis, endodontics, and peri-implantitis disease. It is a non-antibiotic therapy that rapidly destroys gram-negative oral pathogens without pain, heat, or surgery.

Unlike thermal lasers that cut tissue, Periowave utilizes a cold (non-thermal) diode laser. It does not cause damage to root surfaces, dental materials, or surrounding tissues. Periowave does not exhibit many of the issues commonly associated with antibiotics, such as bacterial resistance, allergic or sensitivity reactions, opportunistic infections, or prolonged doses of medication.