Clinician Testimonials

"Periowave photodisinfection is a rapid, painless approach to removal of the harmful bacteria left behind in gums after standard subgingival cleaning and debridement is performed." Dr. George Freedman
"Reducing the number of pathogenic bacterial prevents the progression of disease, and the Periowave process is able to painlessly reach and kill these bacteria in deep pockets. One of the advantages of the Periowave disinfection system is that it can serve as an alternative treatment in situations where surgery is not possible. I strongly believe that this does kill bacteria when it is used properly in the right concentration with the right period of time, and that produces better clinical outcomes. Its painless treatment." Dr. Cary Galler, Periodontist
"The overall response from patients has been excellent. They are very enthusiastic about a non-surgical biologic type of therapy. Patients have accepted both the treatment and the relatively modest associated costs. We are pleased with the results." Dr. Ron Fulton, Periodontist
British Columbia
"We have had several patients say their gums felt tighter and there was less bleeding." Dr. Timothy Gould, Periodontist
Vancouver, BC
"I had one patient who we were alternating with their general office. He said he wanted to come back because he said ‘my gums have never felt this good’." Ellen Gould, Registered Dental Hygienist
(Hygienist: Dr. Timothy Gould) Vancouver, BC
"I just saw a patient…post 1 month followup. Great results. I should have taken photos as she had bulbous lobes of gingiva interproximally and now the gingival architecture is smooth and pink." Dr. Bobby Chagger, Dentist
"Since incorporating Periowave™ Photodisinfection treatment with thorough SRP, the resolutions have been significantly improved. Patients commented that they can see and feel the difference in their gums after one treatment. Some mention that the treatment is very peaceful." Mabel Lo, Registered Dental Hygienist
(Hygienist: Rocky Mountain Dental Centre) Calgary, AB
"Most patients are concerned about the overuse of medications mostly because of the possibility of the development of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. When antibiotics are prescribed, patient’s other worries are the possible occurrence of life threatening allergic reactions, annoying side effects, the likes of diarrhea and vaginitis, potential harm to the foetus during pregnancy, not to mention numerous drug interactions. In that context, one can easily understand why medical and dental professionals keep searching for alternatives to antibiotics to treat or control chronic infectious periodontal diseases, and Periowave photodisinfection is just what they were looking for. This new technology has proven to be a very valuable therapeutic approach for many of my patients when used in combination with the gold standard of debridement of periodontal pockets. Patient acceptance is excellent when it is explained to them that bacterial pathogens can be destroyed without the use of antibiotics and all of their disadvantages (and at a reasonable cost)." Dr. Robert Fortier, Periodontist
"The primary cause of tooth loss today is as a result of periodontal disease. Although patient understanding of this disease continues to expand, behaviour modification with respect to oral hygiene remains difficult. It is my experience that implants used to replace missing teeth placed by dentists yearly continues to rise as such the treatment of peri-implantitis is becoming increasingly necessary. Thread configurations and surface geometries once exposed, can present a confounding problem to clinicians faced with the task of maintaining and/or rehabilitating the supporting tissues. I have found Periowave to be a useful adjunct in these treatment scenarios. It is a simple, non-invasive technique which can circumvent some of the difficulties associated with conventional techniques. I have also found Periowave to be effective in the treatment of infrabony periodontal defects. Dramatic regenerative results have been achieved when it is used post degranulation and prebone graft/growth factor placement. It is a simple technique used to achieve an improvement in outcome in part by disrupting the biofilm and decreasing the bioburden. Elimination of local virulence factors is likely to exert a strong positive influence on surgical outcomes. I believe that photodynamic therapy will continue to gain ground in these areas and may become included as a standard component of such treatment." Dr. Jonathan MacArthur, Dentist
London, ON
"As a clinican and especially as a dental hygienist the periodontal probe is an extension of our arm and our most valuable tool in clinically assessing periodontal disease. However, we are well aware that periodontal probe shows only the damage that has already occurred by the periodontal disease. If we also include bleeding, suppuration, and tissue color, we can elevate the level of care that not only assesses damage already present but using Periowave is our most effective first line of defense. As clinicians, we must first think of disinfection and assess the tissue changes. With the use of Periowave we can effectively and predictably reduce and eliminate bleeding in infected sites. In the absence of bleeding, we have established a much healthier environment." Leanne Carlson, Dental Hygienist
"The interrelationship of microorganisms in the periodontal pocket is complex and dynamic. The ability of micro-organisms to adapt rapidly to environmental changes demands ideal treatments to be fast, selective and extremely effective. The selective destruction of known harmful perio-pathogens is imperative to promote healing or infected sites. Sustained improvements that include pocket reduction and clinical reattachment are achieved by the effective and thorough removal of subgingival deposits along with Periowave disinfection treatment. The timely destruction of perio-pathogens is essential in maintaining an accelerated healing response and achieving optimal results. If necessary, defects in need of further clinical improvement following initial treatment will benefit from additional Periowave applications administered 3 to 6 weeks apart." Dr. Joseph Andary, Dentist
Oakville, ON
"Periowave™ improves our ability to provide our patients with more thorough dental care and this is why I was an earlier adopter of the system. For dentists, this latest proven technology is important as it helps us treat gum disease early and prevent it from reaching more advanced stages. The fact that the Periowave™ process is pain free for the patient is also clearly an advantage." Dr. Jonathan MacArthur, Dentist
London, ON
"Raising the standard of care is the focus of our practice. We believe that a healthy periodontium is the foundation to having successful and long-lasting dentistry. The Periowave system has helped our practice treat periodontal disease without surgery and discomfort to our clients. The simple approach of irrigate and illuminate destroys the disease-causing pathogens, helps tissue reattach and reduces bleeding on probing." Karen Letwin, Registered Dental Hygienist
(Hygienist: Dr. Bill Cryderman & Company) Calgary, AB
"Periowave™ is a great non-invasive way to change bacteria in gingival tissue. I not only find pocket reduction but improvement of tissue texture, colour and consistency. I have used Periowave™ with many different classes of perio disease including implantitis. Periowave™ has helped provide a favourable result of bone improvement and pocket reduction." Leanna Enstrom, Registered Dental Hygienist
(Hygienist: Dr. Gary Sacher) Edmonton, Alberta
"Periowave™ enables clinicians to provide thorough comprehensive care by killing the bacteria that cause periodontal disease within 60 seconds per site with no pain or discomfort for the patient. It has broadened our scope of ‘non-surgical’ practice and our patients reap the rewards. Simply stated, it has improved the standard of care that I can provide for my patients." Catherine Fairfield, Registered Dental Hygienist
(Hygienist: Dr. Tara Habijanic) Calgary, AB
"When my patients learn about pathogenic bacteria and virulence factors they are very motivated to accept treatment. For me, pocket reductions are a bonus, what I really look for is healthy tissue and BOP. In this regard, I am very excited about Periowave™ and how it has changed my approach to dental hygiene care." Wendy Desrosiers, Registered Dental Hygienist
(Hygienist: Kelowna Dental Centre) Kelowna, BC