Patient Testimonials

"Periowave is a painless and stress- free way to control the health of my gums. I ask for it at each dental appointment for peace of mind." Margaret S. Jordan., Patient
"I was back at the dentist today seeing Daniel, love her! My back tooth deep pocket is still perfect! No issues.Thanks again."
Patient was scheduled to have tooth extracted due to excessive pocket depths, but had Periowave instead. Lauren F., Patient
Penny H"I was shocked how quickly I noticed the positive effects. The lack of bleeding in my gums. When I was flossing, it was a whole new feeling. Periowave™ made a big difference!

One other thing I noticed was that my gums tightened. To me it felt like they grew back a bit. As we get older and we look at our teeth, we wish we would have taken better care of them.With my Periowave™ treatment, it's almost like I’ve been given a second chance." Penny H., Patient
Regina, SK
Doris E"I came into the office with infected gums, and after Periowave™, I left feeling great.

When I think of Periowave™, I think of no more infection and I don't have to be so touchy with my mouth. Whenever anybody would work around my implants it would hurt. After Periowave™, it's almost like I had my actual teeth." Doris E., Patient
Regina, SK
Marjorie G"My first Periowave™ treatment was just great. It was completely painless, and it was interesting to hear scientifically what was going on. There was absolutely no discomfort. If somebody gave me a choice between PeriowaveTM and an antibiotic, I would take Periowave™ in a flash. No antibiotics!"

Marjorie G., Patient
Regina, SK
Debbie T"I've always been told I have a great smile, I couldn't imagine smiling without my two front teeth. I'm going to do anything I can to keep them in there, and Periowave™ is going to help me do that. The whole treatment was wonderful. There wasn't any pain, there was nothing to it. I'm confident that the results will be great."

Debbie T., Patient
Regina, SK
Crystal"My mother was losing ground to gum disease despite regular 3 month visits to her Periodontist. Her dentist wanted to pull out one of her teeth, and this was very upsetting to her after so many years of effort and cost. Knowing that gum disease is associated with a number of serious illnesses like heart disease, stroke and cancer, I did some research on my mother's behalf. A friend of mine told me about Periowave's powerful but painless approach to killing the bugs associated with gum disease. I want my mother to be able to keep all her teeth and lead the healthiest life she can so I encouraged her to find a dentist who was able to treat her with Periowave™. I am so glad that she did, because this enabled her to keep her tooth." Crystal, Patient
Vancouver, BC
"I really appreciated that Periowave™ was able to address my gum disease without pain. After ten years of painful scaling treatments, it was a pleasure to have a Periowave™ treatment and know that I am finally addressing all those bugs left behind after scaling. I wish I had been told about this treatment sooner." Peta Heald, Patient
Victoria, BC
"Periowave made a big difference to me, as my gums stopped bleeding after one treatment. Now that I know what healthy feels like, I take care of my mouth to keep up the progress. I’m a believer." Carolyn C., Patient
Vancouver, BC
"I've had countless periodontal treatments with very little success. With Periowave, however, the benefits were noticeable immediately after treatment. My gums just felt so much better! I would happily recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from gum disease." Nicola F., Patient
North Vancouver, BC
"My dentist suggested that my tooth would need to be pulled due to gum disease last year. Fortunately, a friend recommended Periowave™ - my gum disease has been under control ever since, and I still have my tooth!" Lauren F., Patient
West Vancouver, BC
"I had very sore, swollen, red and bleeding gums and a very bad taste in my mouth. I knew I had an infection and was worried about that since I am a diabetic. When I complained to my dentist, he just told me to rinse with salt water. This did not help the infection and made my skin peel inside my mouth. Since I was in big pain, a friend told me about Periowave and recommended a new dentist who uses this product. The Periowave treatment was painless. After only one treatment, I can feel the big difference right away. The next day after treatment, everything was perfect- no bleeding, no red swollen gums, no bad taste, no more problems. I am very happy about Periowave." Gizella Horvath, Patient
Burnaby, BC